Soberistas is a fantastic organisation which is innovating and supporting alcohol-free lives. From our own work we know that people often feel happier and healthier after giving up alcohol and Soberistas offer a great forum for people to make changes, share their experiences and get support. The team is a pleasure to work with and Lucy has been an honest and powerful speaker at our conferences and events in the past.

Alcohol Concern

I have been following Soberistas since it started, having heard about it from one of my patients in clinic who told me it was the support that she had been looking for. As an addiction psychiatrist it seemed to be offering something new to a group of people who were not finding the help they needed elsewhere. I have been privileged to try and answer members’ medical queries for the last couple of years, and admire Lucy’s wish to open Soberistas up to independent research to understand Soberistas better. I wish Lucy and Soberistas all the best going forward.

Dr. Julia Sinclair, Associate Professor in Psychiatry, University of Southampton

Soberistas offers a unique gateway and modern platform for women who have become concerned about their drinking habits. Being a part of a network of such inspiring women is liberating and very cool. At last, a 21st century answer to an age old problem.

Sarah Turner, The Harrogate Sanctuary

The risk of developing alcohol related liver disease starts to really take off at around 3 bottles of wine a week, and rises with an increasingly steep curve. There are huge numbers of young and middle aged people drinking at this level, and they are on a slippery slope because with increasing consumption comes tolerance to alcohol. One glass becomes two, two become three and becomes increasingly difficult to keep drinking under control. Soberistas is a vital lifeline, enabling people to recognise the dangers of their situations, and to take back control of their lives. As such they provide a vital service, with the key element being that this is about individuals helping each other and themselves in a safe non-judgmental environment.

Professor Nick Sheron, Hepatolgist, The University of Southampton

Online peer support networks like Soberistas play an increasingly important role in the type of addiction support available for people.  Addiction doesn't raise its ugly head simply during office hours so any support that can be easily accessible, 24 hours a day is a very welcome addition and can also really enhance the face-to-face support provided by services like SASS.

Josie Soutar, CEO, Sheffield Alcohol Support Service

I first came across Soberistas when I heard Lucy being interviewed on the radio about her story.  I had recently made the decision to stop drinking alcohol and so I was interested to find out more about how Soberistas was supporting people.  Having got to know Lucy & Soberistas quite well over the last couple of years I'm absolutely certain that they are providing an essential service.  As a coach, many of the people I work with struggle with change.  Soberistas offers a supportive & non-judgmental community where people can feel understood without the stigma.  I'm proud to be involved with the company and excited about the opportunity to work with some of their members.

George Anderson, Fitness Coach, BBC Radio Presenter, Writer (Men’s Fitness magazine) and Motivator

In my work I specialise in women with alcohol and addiction problems, and know only too well how difficult it is for many of them to find appropriate support. The stigma of alcohol problems in women is such that women feel isolated and judged, and this drives the problem underground, and prevents many women from getting help. Soberistas is an incredibly valuable resource, where women can come together confidentially and anonymously, and share their experiences with alcohol without judgement.

Dr Sally Marlow, Addictions Researcher, King’s College London

Soberistas provides an invaluable service to support women who want to reduce the harm that alcohol is having to their lives. Through personal experience, and the sharing of those experiences, Lucy and the Soberistas team provide the listening and advice that many women need in a world where there is exceeding pressure to be part of a drinking culture that for many has devastating affects. Unfortunately women are drinking more than ever and the effects of 'ladette culture', the 'wine o'clock mentality', the pressures of "just another one won't hurt …" has led to far too many women's life being ruined by alcohol harm. I am extremely proud to be associated with Soberistas, to support their work and recommend any woman to look at the information they provide either for themselves or for someone else who maybe at risk of alcohol-related harm.

Andrew Langford, British Liver Trust

What the Soberistas have to say about our online community…

"Soberistas has been like a life-line for me. I doubt I would have got sober without it, and I will continue to use it for the foreseeable future."
"The site feels like a completely safe place to discuss anything related to my life before and after I stopped drinking almost one year ago."
"It's an absolute life saver. I have an enormous debt of gratitude to Lucy, as Soberistas has been the resource which has finally made me stop drinking - completely."
"It's a unique resource of help, guidance and encouragement, under the banner of anonymity."
"Soberistas has made an incredible difference to my drinking habits - I am currently 3 weeks sober and it is down to Soberistas!"
"Soberistas has made the biggest difference to my life. I have had a problematic relationship with alcohol for 20 years and now I feel positively sober.  The support of people with the same stories as me is what's made the difference."
"It has been invaluable to me! I regard the women I communicate with as friends now, and we support one another greatly!"
"I don't feel like it's me alone with an issue. I realise that it's my problem but that I'm not a freak. The support helps so much. You feel so proud of yourself when you go AF."
"This site gave me the strength and support I needed to quit completely. Understanding that professional women like me shared similar difficulties made all the difference."
"Soberistas is a brilliant website. Being part of the community makes the world seem a less lonely place"
"It has been an amazing support for me. It has educated me on all aspects of the effects on me and society at large of this highly addictive drug."
"It is unique in that it's for women, educated women, and accessible at all times to dip in or out of when necessary or convenient."

Source: Southampton University Survey 2015

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