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Sober Stick Figure By Amber Tozer

Below is an extract from the new novel, Sober Stick Figure, by Amber Tozer, a powerful and darkly funny memoir of a young alcoholic. Surrounded by alcohol and alcoholic strangers and alcoholic relatives her entire childhood, Amber never stood a chance. But for a long time she was an overachiever and a functional alcoholic. None of her relatives suspected a thing because in her family, the men were the alcoholics, not the women. After her dad died of the disease....Read more. Posted 18th June.



On A Bad Day, There’s Always Lipstick. By Jojo Thomas

My disconnection from myself didn’t happen overnight. It was a creeping, pernicious process so subtle that I didn’t even notice it going on. But one day I woke up and felt like I’d forgotten who I was. The version of me that I carried in my head simply didn’t exist any more and I’d turned inwards, hiding my fear and pain from the people that I loved. Where was the bright, enthusiastic, positive, loud Jojo of my younger days? At some point I’d started....Read more. Posted 4th June.



Looking for Dennis By ZelieSilent

This is a song for all those who are struggling.
Who are saying, ‘Is this worth it?’
‘Where am I?’
‘Who am I?’
Obviously, and rightly, literature on quitting drinking concentrates on the positives. I mean, I’m not trying to sell a book here. But I think for those of us who struggle with the murkier corners of existence – maybe because of alcohol, maybe despite it, maybe both - this can feel partial. Or disingenuous.....Read more. Posted 21st May.



Where Do You Fall On The Sensitivity Spectrum? Uncovering the Highly Sensitive Person. By Emma Young

As a child, Elaine Aron thought there was something wrong with her. At school, she got called “cry-baby” and “spoilsport” and was often told, “You’re just too sensitive for your own good”. At college, she would find herself crying in restrooms, overwhelmed by the social and even the practical pressures of student life. Today, Aron is sitting at a table at a cafe in Tiburon, a quiet town across the bay from San Francisco.... Read more. Posted 18th June.



What I Re-Learned About Sobriety When My Husband Quit Drinking By Lindsey Smith

This year, I celebrate being alcohol-free for six years. With each year that goes by, I have to admit, it gets way easier. I am at a point now where I honestly don’t think about it much at all. I can go to bars and be comfortable. I can be around friends drinking and not feel like I’m missing out. I usually don’t think twice at this point. I’m happy, healthy, and love being alcohol-free.
I recently celebrated my high school reunion....Read more. Posted 18th June.


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Blog Posts

Manchester Meet Up 09 07 16

Posted by HoneyKit on June 28, 2016 at 22:36 0 Comments

Hi All

Can anyone tell me if the Manchester meet up is still on? Thanks. Xx

Day 3

Posted by Jaded24/7 on June 28, 2016 at 22:12 1 Comment

Well another day under my belt. Has anyone got the 'drink less' app? I like it.

A HUGE craving came out of the blue at midday whilst I was planting runner beans today!!! It didn't last long but its scary how the wine witch creeps up on you when… Continue

Finding my purpose with a clear head - Getting creative..

Posted by Rundebs on June 28, 2016 at 21:34 3 Comments

OMG - I have started knitting.. it is so therapeutic!  Seems to be taking my mind off having a wine in my hand during the week.  Not sure what the end result will look like, but I am enjoying finding my creative side again. Dusting off the sewing…


I made it...100 shiny sober days.

Posted by Emma on June 28, 2016 at 20:43 8 Comments

Today is day 107. I just had to check that on an app. I remember when I knew every single day, each as painful as the last.

Sometimes I feel so different, I feel as though I've emigrated or been taken over by aliens or something, such is… Continue



Started by Lucy Rocca in 100 DAY AF CRUSADE. Last reply by SoberInWY 23 minutes ago. 449 Replies

This discussion was started as an incentive for Soberistas to reach 100 Days AF, and ANYONE is welcome to join.The aim is to check in here as often as possible, share our progress, and support each other in any way we can. We try and keep the posts…Continue

Tags: Sober, Crusade, Challenge, AF, Days

Sober June

Started by Poppy in General discussions. Last reply by kady 1 hour ago. 476 Replies

This was an idea suggested for those who are struggling with long amounts of time, but are determined to be AF, but need to take things step by step.Continue


Started by Fearnomore in General discussions. Last reply by Eliza 3 hours ago. 9667 Replies

Welcome the the Young at Heart thread. There is no age entry requirement, all welcome, although the ladies here do tend to be 'over a certain age' numerically, but as the title suggests, Young at Heart. Please feel free to join in, compare stories…Continue

Tags: Older and hopefully wiser

June Joy in an alcohol free life

Started by AFayear in General discussions. Last reply by Catherine 3 hours ago. 7809 Replies

This thread began in January 2015 with a large group of determined women. It ended 2015 with a slightly smaller group of even more determined women. Now we are facing 2016 with various levels of success behind us. Some have 3,  6, and 9 months  or…Continue

Tags: 2016, month, daily, challenge, AF


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