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‘All or Nothing' People by Della Galton

So what does cause otherwise perfectly sane people to find – often quite suddenly – that they’ve lost control of their drinking? And that despite numerous and determined efforts they cannot regain it? This is a question that’s puzzled me for some time. I am not exaggerating when I say I have met hundreds of people who either have a problem or once had a problem with alcohol. We seem to have certain traits in common.... Read more. Posted 13th April.



‘When I look in the mirror I can smile at myself’ by Ruby

How becoming alcohol-free has finally brought Ruby a sense of calm and freedom after years of turbulence.
I am writing this as part of the journey to sobriety. It is the first time that I have been honest with myself about my drinking problem. Writing it down, seeing it in black and white, re-reading and editing more truths .... Read more. Posted 30th March.



An excerpt from Glass Half Full by Lucy Rocca

When I stopped drinking I started writing, and the blog I wrote has now been made into a book entitled Glass Half Full, published by Accent Press. Glass Half Full details my personal journey from a reluctant non-drinker to a contented Soberista. The following.... Read more. Posted 16th March.



The Best Version of Myself By Veronica Valli

There are many awful things about drinking, most of which I’m sure you’re already aware of. But the worst part for me was the realization that when I thought I was ‘living life to the full’ and ‘seizing the moment’ I was actually living 50% at best. I wasn’t even a daily drinker.... Read more. Posted 2nd March.



Contract to Change by Lou R

It would depend on what your beliefs are about where a drinking problem comes from as to the explanation of how I got here. Looking at the nature/nurture debate, my father is a recovering alcoholic of 17 years so I had the genetic heritage. My step father was an alcoholic so I grew up in a daily drinking.... Read more. Posted 16th February.


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Pip commented on Anghared's blog post What a Difference a Year Makes !!
"What peace you have now Angharad,and it only gets better.xx"
26 seconds ago
CycleSal commented on Katja's blog post Another re-start
"Welcome back Katja, have a nice relaxing day, enjoy your walk and your thinking time. Your husband…"
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Mum of 2 commented on Katja's blog post Another re-start
"And you have all of us right behind you !    Looking forward to reading your next…"
42 seconds ago
pollystar commented on Katja's blog post Another re-start
"Katja ,I gave up for 5 weeks Jan-Feb time . I was a very heavy drinker . Ive started again now…"
54 seconds ago
Pip commented on Katja's blog post Another re-start
"Hello Katya,good to see you again,and how wonderful that your lovely hubby is on board. Just my…"
1 minute ago
Ironic60 commented on Katja's blog post Another re-start
"I can so relate to where you're at - this blog expresses where I was at just a mere few months…"
2 minutes ago
Ladybird commented on Flower Power's blog post Ugh.
"Hi FP, Just take one day at a time.If your friend is a true one she will understand that you need…"
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"Hello hon, I haven't been on for ages because of work /Easter/near nervous breakdown/ TOTM /…"
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Blog Posts

True Words

Posted by Freya on April 23, 2014 at 9:45 1 Comment

My friend gave up alcohol for Lent so was ready to have a drink on Saturday night at a party we were all at. Her husband bought her a spirit and after one sip she pulled a face, saying she wasn't sure she wanted to do this…..she left the drink on…


Another re-start

Posted by Katja on April 23, 2014 at 9:32 5 Comments

For some reason I didn't go AF in February and didn't re-read the Vale book. I don't know why really as have been boozing most evenings, gained some weight (which I hate) and often woke at about 3am worried as hell that the evil monster alcohol…



Posted by worrier on April 23, 2014 at 9:16 0 Comments

So drank a bottle last night, gave into wine witch, was meant to go out a run, but drank wine instead. So here I go again!!!!!! When will I learn this merry go round isn't making me happy?!

Totally unrelated

Posted by cassidy59 on April 23, 2014 at 9:14 2 Comments

Morning all.  This is to ask all you techno peeps a question on Tablets (no not the ones you take!!) the computer thingies.....I am going away and am fretting as I have to leave my computer behind!!!!  I need to get access to you guys...SO can…



Subscription only?

Started by MariaH in General discussions. Last reply by JudeTheObscure 2 hours ago. 162 Replies

The news about having to pay a subscription to access Soberistas is hugely disappointing. Sadly, I'll be disengaging :(

Bristol Soberistas Meet up, more details x

Started by Ann in Soberistas Meet Ups. Last reply by Tay 3 hours ago. 5 Replies

Dear Lovely Soberistas,Spurred on by the wonderful meet up we recently had in York I thought I'd get some more details out to you about the Bristol one, I can't wait to see you all!I have emailed all of you that I have down on my list as being…Continue

Stepping into spring...

Started by Freshstart14 in New to Soberistas. Last reply by Freshstart14 13 hours ago. 426 Replies

Well the journey started in December/January and what a journey it's been so far! I began thinking a couple would reply to my wee thread but it's become a daily source of comfort, support and challenge not just for me but for those who have been…Continue

Wine is the culprit

Started by Wise Bear in General discussions. Last reply by crazycat 14 hours ago. 4 Replies

Hi, several weeks ago I decided to stop drinking alcohol as I woke up feeling wretched and ashamed following a Sunday tipple that ended up with me drunk and unable to remember most of the evening. I went two weeks without and it was fine. I are lots…Continue



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