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Looking for Dennis By ZelieSilent

This is a song for all those who are struggling.
Who are saying, ‘Is this worth it?’
‘Where am I?’
‘Who am I?’
Obviously, and rightly, literature on quitting drinking concentrates on the positives. I mean, I’m not trying to sell a book here. But I think for those of us who struggle with the murkier corners of existence – maybe because of alcohol, maybe despite it, maybe both - this can feel partial. Or disingenuous.....Read more. Posted 21st May.



Time To Put On Your Big Girl Pants And See The Doctor By Anna

This morning marked a pivotal moment for me - for the first time in two decades I have been honest with my doctor. For twenty long years (up until just over a couple of years ago) I drank heavily, and the weird thing is in all that time I didn’t really consider that I did. It has become so socially acceptable to drink far in excess of the weekly government guidelines that throughout my adulthood I’ve managed to convince myself that consuming eighty....Read more. Posted 7th May. – The Re-launch By Lucy Rocca

Over the past few months we have been working really hard on some major improvements to the Soberistas website. As a bit of background, Soberistas was first launched in November 2012 on a shoestring budget, and as a result there are several issues with the current site which are far from ideal. Many of you will have experienced the page counter popping up when you’ve already purchased a membership. And lots of you over the years have....Read more. Posted 23rd April.



Mind Over Matter: How Regular Exercise Benefits The Whole Self By Emma Young

Is it time to change the way we think about ‘fitness’? Should we view exercise not so much as a way to lose weight as the key to toning the mind, as well as the body? I’m in a packed function space in the new Body Studio at Selfridges in London, as part of a panel discussing these exact questions. Speaking alongside me are Tanya Joseph, the brains behind the campaign ‘This Girl Can’ for Sport England and.... Read more. Posted 21st May.



Summer Lovin’ (How To Successfully Holiday When Sober) By Carrie Armstrong

As I pass yet another chain pub beer garden filled to the brim with topless, middle-aged men, it occurs to me that summer is almost upon us. Back in the day, my initial reaction to this scene would have been panic: panic in arrows, shooting off in about fifteen different directions simultaneously. The first arrow of panic, would of course be about the inevitable march of time:
How can this year be nearly halfway gone?....Read more. Posted 21st May.


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Cookbarb commented on Junikins's blog post Ordinary lives
"That sounds like a lovely day. What a wonderful positive post.  Thank you "
2 minutes ago
Cookbarb commented on Sara's blog post Starting again tomorrow
"You are brave for admitting and you are courageous for getting back on the  'sober…"
3 minutes ago
Cookbarb commented on expatmum's blog post Blogging and not talking and talking therapy
"Sounds like therapy was a good idea. It always is for me even if I try and convince myself that…"
4 minutes ago
Belle replied to Lucy Rocca's discussion 100 DAY AF CRUSADE
"Great to hear from everyone. All the best to you Tia, and also you Phil Cat. I just read somewhere…"
13 minutes ago
Junikins commented on Sara's blog post Starting again tomorrow
" We're all human with all it's imperfections . It is hard and I think even the…"
19 minutes ago
pippa commented on expatmum's blog post Blogging and not talking and talking therapy
"I get the same worries about body language in therapy, but I think if the therapist did notice then…"
23 minutes ago
Megan liked cmorrison's blog post Jumpiing out of bed!
27 minutes ago
pippa commented on Sara's blog post Starting again tomorrow
"None of us is perfect, keep going.  It took me ages."
30 minutes ago

Blog Posts

Starting again tomorrow

Posted by Sara on May 29, 2016 at 22:17 9 Comments

Slipped for last 2 days but back on it tomorrow, love being AF and want to get back to it x know I'm being brave admitting it and might get shit for being honest but posting anyway for all us soberistas who are less than perfect and are…


Blogging and not talking and talking therapy

Posted by expatmum on May 29, 2016 at 21:51 4 Comments

I've got my Friday lunchtime slot back next week with my therapist.  I was actually quite emotional contacting him - I had felt so sorted and it made me feel disappointed needing to reach out and admit it's not all totally hunky dory, but such is…



Posted by It's time on May 29, 2016 at 21:40 3 Comments

Back again.Feel tired and old. I drink in secret. I want to feel healthy. I want to stop the lies to myself and to those I love. I want to stop drinking - but then I drink. Day 1. AF

Wibbly wobbly forward motion.

Posted by Blades on May 29, 2016 at 21:25 1 Comment

I had a bit of a major wobble this afternoon, weirdly while I was walking through my favourite 'therapy' woods. I know what it is all about. Tomorrow the OH and I go to Brighton as part of his birthday celebrations. We're meeting to two eldest…




Started by Lucy Rocca in 100 DAY AF CRUSADE. Last reply by Belle 13 minutes ago. 103 Replies

This is a new category for all those taking part in STEVEO'S 100 Day AF Challenge - good luck crusaders! Lucy xxContinue

Tags: Sober, Crusade, Challenge, AF, Days

May-(king) an alcohol free life

Started by AFayear in General discussions. Last reply by Lulu 32 minutes ago. 7606 Replies

This thread began in January 2015 with a large group of determined women. It ended 2015 with a slightly smaller group of even more determined women. Now we are facing 2016 with various levels of success behind us. Some have 3,  6, and 9 months  or…Continue

Tags: 2016, month, daily, challenge, AF


Started by Fearnomore in General discussions. Last reply by Molls 33 minutes ago. 9266 Replies

Welcome the the Young at Heart thread. There is no age entry requirement, all welcome, although the ladies here do tend to be 'over a certain age' numerically, but as the title suggests, Young at Heart. Please feel free to join in, compare stories…Continue

Tags: Older and hopefully wiser

May - The Month of Freedom!

Started by Anastasia in General discussions. Last reply by MaW2015 1 hour ago. 502 Replies

"Freedom Lies In Being Bold" Robert FrostHello everyone and welcome to the May thread and to the start of a new month and a chance for new beginnings!  I'm looking forward to continuing our friendships and making new friends while we help each other…Continue


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