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Selective Socialising: How Relationships May Change When We Quit Drinking By Lucy Rocca

You may want to sit down with a cup of tea before you read on. Here is a truth about quitting alcohol that you may not have considered, or which you may not want to consider…booze has the power to gloss over the imperfections of people, the company of whom we may find intolerable when not regularly under the influence. And those people may include those closest to us – even our partners....Read more. Posted 25th April.



I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love by Dr. David Hamilton PhD

How much love do you have for yourself? Not the narcissistic 'Aren't I wonderful' kind of love, but the essential regard for self that empowers you and helps you navigate through life. The type of love that enables you to feel safe and secure in who you are and inspires you to make choices that are good for your authentic self. (You can find more details of this book, as well as how to enter our competition to win one of three copies, at the foot of the extract.)....Read more. Posted 11th April.



Government Should Look Again At Alcohol, Says North West Alcohol Charity, Drink Wise. By Lucy Rocca.

At the beginning of March 2015, the charity Drink Wise presented the findings of its recent survey, Drink Wise Challenge, to Downing Street, in the hope that the government would be motivated to do more to protect the younger generations from the harms of alcohol. The survey was one of the biggest ever....Read more. Posted 28th March.



Women, Girls and Alcohol By Lucy Rocca

It was a privilege to be asked to speak at Alcohol Action Ireland’s conference, Women and Alcohol: The changing nature of female alcohol consumption in Ireland, on Tuesday April 21st 2015. I was there alongside keynote speaker Ann Dowsett Johnston, best-selling author of Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol, named one of the top.... Read more. Posted 25th April.


Quitting Drinking Lead to Peace and Confidence By Michelle Mahlman

The night of February 20, 2005, I went out with a bang…Yep, I banged myself up pretty darn good by tumbling down a flight of stairs that night in a drunken blackout. Blackout drinking was all too familiar in my life at the time, but that night was exceptional… I quite possibly could have become a member of the 27 Club. I was catapulted....Read more. Posted 14th March.


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Blog Posts

Nearly a month!

Posted by JJ on May 3, 2015 at 9:27 4 Comments

Hi All, I haven't blogged in over a week as not really been sure what to say! Although I have been on everyday reading others and just taking it all in.

Things have been ok, lots going on at work and at home, so been keeping very busy...… Continue

It's not working...

Posted by Lotraine on May 3, 2015 at 9:23 5 Comments

VMy main reason for giving up wine was health... Specifically reflux and heartburn... I have constant pain in my chest Rhs.. My diet is really good and my weight ... I run but I was drinking 3-4 bottles of wine per week and love cheese. An 15 AF… Continue

Sliding Doors

Posted by Aunt Sally on May 3, 2015 at 8:25 2 Comments

When I first visited this site last August I read a great post about sliding doors. Imagining certain days having made a different choice to being AF and drank. I find this always gives me so much pleasure and joy and reassures me that I have… Continue

Empathy and Compassion

Posted by Hannah on May 3, 2015 at 8:08 4 Comments

So struck by this story

I finally got to thank the man who saved my life'

After his "Find Mike" campaign, Jonny Benjamin is reunited with the man who talked him down off Waterloo Bridge six years ago

There is a…



Joyful January into Forever February, Marching Through March, Advance into April and continue the marathon through May

Started by jat in General discussions. Last reply by Catherine 8 minutes ago. 2694 Replies

To those of you who followed  Remember December and to those of you would rather forget December or need a new start here is the 2015 monthly challenge. We have a merry band from December and January who are willing to continue into February.Last…Continue

Tags: month, May, daily, challenge, February


Started by Fearnomore in General discussions. Last reply by lizzie 19 minutes ago. 2316 Replies

Welcome the the Young at Heart thread. There is no age entry requirement, all welcome, although the ladies here do tend to be 'over a certain age' numerically, but as the title suggests, Young at Heart. Please feel free to join in, compare stories…Continue

Tags: Older and hopefully wiser

Lost thread!

Started by EmmaB in General discussions. Last reply by Kate 3 hours ago. 422 Replies

cant find Brightlite's thread which has been going since August 2014! Does anyone know where it has gone?ThanksContinue

How do you tell your loved ones and friends that you intend to be AF forever?

Started by Scott in Family and friends 8 hours ago. 0 Replies

Hi folks. I’ve been AF for 10 days now and I’m managing ok. All I’ve told my wife is that I’m having a bit of a break for a while. I’ve had one night out with friends and I used the “I’m driving” excuse, but there hasn’t been any situations yet that…Continue


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