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A Reflection On Two Years Sober By Chris, aka ‘Unwasted’

It’s not very often that I like looking at myself in the mirror first thing in the morning. The reflection that greets me is just not one of the highlights of my day. You know what I mean. This morning, however, I greeted my reflection with admiration and respect. I looked myself square in the eyes (once I’d got them open) and said, “You’ve done it. You’ve bloody done it. Two years sober. Bloody well done”....Read more. Posted 27th August.



Girls With Class Don’t Need A Glass By Ava G

‘Girls With Class Don’t Need A Glass’ is a witticism engraved on a hip flask I was once given by a friend. The implication, of course, is that you are sophisticated and brazen enough to swig straight from the flask wherever you are. I have never used said flask but very much appreciated similar memes, if only because they validated my identity as a wine connoisseur. One Christmas, my father – a non-drinker – casually suggested that I may have....Read more. Posted 13th August.



Alcopop: An Interview With Comedian Paul McMullan By Lucy Rocca

Cockney raconteur Paul McMullan brings his own brand of quick-fire comedy to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August as he unveils his story of problem drinking, having no home, no job and two children. A candid and hilarious tale from this natural, charming storyteller revealing his fascinating journey from hitting rock bottom to overcoming his struggles in this eagerly anticipated debut hour....Read more. Posted 16th July.



It’s Time To Get Uncomfortable By Jo De Rosa

So you’ve made the decision to not drink anymore, but the desire to drink keeps nudging you towards your next glass of wine. HOW do you not go there?
You start off well. Determined. Sure of yourself and the oh-so-many reasons not to take the next drink. All is good. Then it comes. The craving. The urges, compulsion, DEMAND! It’s like a huge hand around your neck suffocating.... Read more. Posted 27th August.



The Damaging Power of Shame By Esther Nagle

I only started to acknowledge my drinking problem when I no longer had one. Until I stopped drinking, I was unable to accept that this was my reality. “I don’t need to stop drinking, [insert lame justification here]”. I knew the truth on many levels. I knew that not drinking on any given evening was a really tough decision for me to make. I knew that often I would decide I wasn’t going to drink, only to find a reason why I “NEEDED” a drink....Read more. Posted 27th August.


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Jane commented on Sharpie Jane's blog post Pink cloud returns!
"So glad to hear you are feeling better.  xxx"
5 minutes ago
Dianne commented on Annabella's blog post Can anyone help?
"That makes sense, thanks for answering. Today is my day 50 and I'm certainly calmer than I was…"
10 minutes ago
madcatlady commented on peace's blog post Why I Like Being Here
"I like having you here too,I take what I need and ignore what doesn't help me.I'm staying…"
23 minutes ago
Alsbeth commented on sara's blog post Day 10 AF
"I have never heard of apple pie therapy but it seems to be working for you so do it!"
25 minutes ago
Alsbeth commented on Alsbeth's blog post Crying.
"Thanks Paul.  I genuinely appreciate your comment...I do have to say never ever tell a woman…"
32 minutes ago
madcatlady commented on expatmum's blog post Recovery lite...?
"I'm sober lite too,sometimes I need tough love,sometimes gentle encouragement, sometimes…"
37 minutes ago
Mags liked expatmum's blog post Recovery lite...?
40 minutes ago
Alsbeth commented on expatmum's blog post Recovery lite...?
"Great blog.  Were you ears burning?!  I chatted on the phone to an Ista for the first…"
44 minutes ago

Blog Posts

Recovery lite...?

Posted by expatmum on October 27, 2016 at 13:00 9 Comments

I've just written two replies to blogs wondering what had changed on the site.  Now nothing for me has essentially changed on the site in the three and a half years I've been on here and right from day one I've had periods on here where I've felt…


Anxiety again!!!

Posted by Deb on October 27, 2016 at 12:31 1 Comment

Hi all,

I do wish this bloody anxiousness would go!  This is my weakness, my fundamental flaw that makes me reach for the booze.  I saw something on social media that made me sick to my stomach.  The first thing I wanted to do was reach…


Day 10 AF

Posted by sara on October 27, 2016 at 11:40 2 Comments

Well, when I woke up 10 days ago and decided to cut down on alcohol, I wouldnt have guessed that later that day I would stretch the target to going completely AF and I wouldnt have guessed that it would be this easy. Now, that is a relative term.…


Why I Like Being Here

Posted by peace on October 27, 2016 at 10:16 14 Comments

Because of you, I am not alone in this sober journey. I tried doing it alone and failed repeatedly. I need to be a part of something meaningful and I have found it here. Some days I feel like something I wrote here might have helped someone, other… Continue



Started by Lucy Rocca in 100 DAY AF CRUSADE. Last reply by Vickiann 46 minutes ago. 2689 Replies

This discussion was started as an incentive for Soberistas to reach 100 Days AF, and ANYONE is welcome to join.The aim is to check in here as often as possible, share our progress, and support each other in any way we can. We try and keep the posts…Continue

Tags: Sober, Crusade, Challenge, AF, Days

October = The Month of Unconditional Love

Started by Anastasia in General discussions. Last reply by Michelle 58 minutes ago. 361 Replies

"Demonstrate Love by giving it unconditionally to yourself…..and as you do, you will attract others you will attract others into your life that will love you without conditions"Welcome to the October thread and the month of unconditional love!  This…Continue

kindle query....

Started by Cherry in General discussions. Last reply by Cherry 2 hours ago. 1 Reply

Hi All, thought I'd post this in general rather than my blog as it's more a technical question. The blog update will follow in due course....I bought and downloaded my first kindle book - Lucy Rocca's brilliant book on binning the booze, a little…Continue


Started by Fearnomore in General discussions. Last reply by Cathy 3 hours ago. 11066 Replies

If you have found yourself here today, then welcome. Our aim and wish is to help, support and encourage all those who are fed up and at the end of their tether with drinking, and who want the better life that is out there without alcohol. We are a…Continue

Tags: Older and hopefully wiser


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