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Self-Compassion: The Hardest Act Of All By Jojo Thomas

My now-boyfriend’s Tinder profile listed his height and said that he was ‘always kind’. I remember being struck by it, because it was such a human thing to write, and somehow such a non-chat-up line. It’s not something you see at the top of most people’s online dating profiles. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of them.
Kindness is one of my top values. It’s one of those things that shine out of people, in their smile....Read more. Posted 16th July.



Looking for Dennis Part II: The Sober Rave By Zelie Silent

London is a big city, and it’s a pluralistic city, full of minority interest groups and varying lifestyle choices. Until recently I hadn’t heard of the concept of the morning rave, but when I got sober, several friends told me about it. I’ve been trying to find Dennis/Dionysus in my sober life as my hunch is that that’s the key to staying sober, allowing the naughty and ecstatic to stay part of things, but without the booze. Morninggloryville is not the....Read more. Posted 2nd July.



All The Little Acorns By Elizabeth S

About six weeks into my sobriety, I had a one-to-one with my keyworker. He could tell I was really happy about something. “You look very pleased about something today”, he said. “Well”, I paused dramatically. “I painted my own toenails.” Now, my keyworker was, and still is, a pretty cool guy – all rock star good looks and Kanye trainers, with an arsenal of war stories from his career as a drug worker, like the time he found the body of a guy who had died from an overdose and still had the....Read more. Posted 16th July.



5 Ways Gratitude Can Help Us Stay AF By Esther Nagle

Gratitude is something of a buzzword at the moment isn’t it? And with good reason! We are bombarded on a daily basis by messages of doom and gloom, and advertising pointing out all the things wrong with our lives upon which we need to buy things to improve.
We could be forgiven for thinking the world is a terrible place, and we are seriously flawed people.
But it isn’t, and we aren’t. We are just being told the negative stuff to such an extent that it becomes all we see.... Read more. Posted 16th July.



When ‘Healthy’ May Not Be Healthy By Chris Sandel

One of the most important ideas I try and stress with clients is the idea of context. What do I mean by this?
A phrase I regularly hear from people is “I’ve heard that x is healthy for me” where x can be a whole multitude of things like exercise, kale, green juices, a low carb diet. The list is almost endless for what people have heard or believe are healthy for them.
My common response to these statements is “well it depends”, which is normally followed by me asking them....Read more. Posted 16th July.


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MoonHare commented on Morningwalker's blog post 300 days, this feels real
"So glad I checked in this evening and caught your lovely blog Morningwalker. What a triumph and I…"
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Hellokaty commented on Morningwalker's blog post 300 days, this feels real
"Amazing MW - So so thrilled for you. Well done love.. enjoy your freedom babes xxxxx"
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Hellokaty posted a blog post

Daily Blog 2- Still Clearing out

Today the kids and I went to Arundel to the Wetland Centre, a WWT centre for birds. I had woken up…See More
5 minutes ago
MyrtleTurtle commented on SunShine's blog post Blogging it out
"Hi SS, 5 mths sober is brilliant. More than I have ever achieved. I have some ideas for treating…"
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EmmaDavis posted a discussion


I joined and subsequently left Soberistas a few years ago and since that time I have managed to do…See More
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kady commented on Morningwalker's blog post 300 days, this feels real
"Lovely. Congratulations Morningwalker, and thank you for the hope and encouragement."
16 minutes ago
Nana Treen commented on Border mum 's blog post At the starting line ....Day1 AF
"Well done BM, good plan for the evening, rest up and it will be day 3 tomorrow, love Nana xx"
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Blog Posts

Daily Blog 2- Still Clearing out

Posted by Hellokaty on July 26, 2016 at 20:30 0 Comments

Today the kids and I went to Arundel to the Wetland Centre, a WWT centre for birds. I had woken up anxious again this morning but as the day has gone on I have felt clearer. I have been trying to process what went wrong with the therapist and…



Posted by Rachel on July 26, 2016 at 19:44 0 Comments

This coming clean stuff is like having your guts laid bare. My husband had not a clue of how much I was drinking; and it is awful to see him so horrified. I am scared about the weeks ahead; he has got my car keys to keep me safe from driving; but… Continue

Alcohol intolerance - possible effect of glandular fever?

Posted by harrisonfleur on July 26, 2016 at 18:32 3 Comments

Hello everyone...haven't posted on here for such a long time. Have been drinking occasionally I have to admit. It's very hard but I have certainly cut down...hoping this is the way forward instead of cold turkey but I'm just not sure. 



300 days, this feels real

Posted by Morningwalker on July 26, 2016 at 18:04 9 Comments

At the start, I counted the benefits of living AF in terms of negatives: no hangovers; no blacking out on the sofa and waking at 1am with a dreadful crick in my neck; no staggering up to bed, a cursory attempt at brushing my teeth, falling into bed… Continue



Started by EmmaDavis in General discussions 12 minutes ago. 0 Replies

I joined and subsequently left Soberistas a few years ago and since that time I have managed to do 12 months alcohol free but then I did the usual of thinking that I could control my drinking, so started again and from then on it has been up and…Continue

July - The Month of Self-Love

Started by Anastasia in General discussions. Last reply by Sue 1 hour ago. 327 Replies

"Love yourself first and everything will fall in line"Welcome to the July thread and a month of learning how love ourselves and treat ourselves special.   We will be sharing ideas on various treats that we can indulge in to celebrate our success and…Continue


Started by Lolo in New to Soberistas. Last reply by Lolo 1 hour ago. 2 Replies

Hi everyone!I am brand new to soberistas, and am excited/nervous/determined. I have been drinking ever larger amounts for years and feel hooked, which I hate. I drink daily - up until two days ago. I recently didn't drink for 11 days and felt…Continue

Leeds Meet up

Started by Petal in Soberistas Meet Ups. Last reply by Petal 1 hour ago. 8 Replies

Hi,I was thinking of arranging a meet up for us Northerners. Leeds would be the preferred meet up point but open to suggestions. I was thinking Aug/Sept. If you could let me know if your interested.All the bestPetal xxContinue


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