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The Outrun – An Excerpt From The New Book By Amy Liptrot

I’m learning to identify clouds, cloud-spotting in the same way that others bird watch. The international cloud-classification system defines clouds by genera, species and variety, using Latin names. The high wispy clouds are called cirrus and the ones in the shape of a fish skeleton are called vertebratus. Stratus, the grey, featureless sheet of a cloud we often have at this time of year, is known as opacus or translucidus, depending on....Read more. Posted 13th February.



5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Beat The Booze By Esther Nagle

Before October 2014, I had tried many times over more than twenty years to control my drinking. I had known for a very long time that I had a problem with alcohol, that I was powerless to control my intake, my cravings, my need to keep drinking till I ran out or passed out, but I had no idea how to do anything about it. The one thing I could never do, which would have probably helped me enormously, was to talk about it. My friends, my....Read more. Posted 30th January.



My Life (Sober) By Carrie Armstrong Happy Valentine’s Day; Single Or Attached, It’s About Loving Who You Are

Ah, Valentine’s Day is upon us again - time for our annual visit from the naked, bottom-exposing, arrow-sporting lad, Cupid himself. The cards have been in the shops since Boxing Day so nobody can accuse cherubic Cupid of sneaking up on us. But does your heart sink every time an avalanche of Valentine’s Day marketing swamps you? Or does it skip a beat at the thought of potential romantic encounters?....Read more. Posted 13th February.



The Secret Counsellor The Core Conditions (continued) – Empathy

We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening, of this very special kind, is one of the most potent forces for change that I know." – Carl Rogers, Empathic: An Unappreciated Way of Being.
In my discussion of the three Core Skills of Carl Rogers’ person-centred approach, I have deliberately left empathy until last. Not because it’s unimportant, quite the opposite. I believe that.... Read more. Posted 13th February.



6 Reasons Why Moderation is Miserable By Annie Grace

Almost every drinker goes through a process before they decide to go 100% alcohol-free. Many of us try moderation. It sounds like a simple and straightforward concept – if you’re drinking too much, you just cut back. We quickly learn that it’s not that simple and the struggle to moderate can be more painful than drinking ever was.
For me it was a cycle of insanity. I would make myself promises (only three glasses of wine, commit to....Read more. Posted 13th February.


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Blog Posts

Confession (oink oink)

Posted by Morningwalker on February 13, 2016 at 22:16 4 Comments

M and S Valentine's special 2 dine for £20 in fridge ready for OH's return from weekend away tomorrow, complete with sparkling elderflower presse but now MINUS the chocs. I have eaten the lot. When oh when do the sugar cravings subside?!

Yours,… Continue


Posted by Blades on February 13, 2016 at 21:30 9 Comments

Hi All,

I've finally decided to step out from behind the curtain and enlist the support and good advice I see so freely given, here on this wonderful site.

I've been fighting terrible depression for many years now and drink has always… Continue

A happy Valentine's day to you all.

Posted by sue on February 13, 2016 at 21:26 0 Comments

We went out for a special meal tonight for a premature Valentine's day and wedding anniversary (which was a bit of a disaster )but that's another story.  The point is, that I made a real effort to look nice, with a ton more makeup than I normally…


Day 286

Posted by Cazzer367 on February 13, 2016 at 21:26 0 Comments

Hi woke up and it was trying to snow, turned to rain, took dogs out then ended up taking mum and sis too Cheltenham with me even though day off. Looked for a new sofa as figured the one I have is not making me sit straight, just slouching. Went to… Continue


Fabulous February - The Transformation Continues!!

Started by Anastasia in General discussions. Last reply by Michelle 1 hour ago. 214 Replies

The Butterfly is a symbol of renewal, strength and rebirth.  The Butterfly transitions from Caterpillar to Cocoon and then into a beautiful Butterfly.  The Butterfly is ever changing and is associated with unwavering grace, soulful insight and…Continue

February Flowing from 2015 into 2016.-Forever AF

Started by AFayear in General discussions. Last reply by Catherine 2 hours ago. 6783 Replies

This thread began in January 2015 with a large group of determined women. It ended 2015 with a slightly smaller group of even more determined women. Now we are facing 2016 with various levels of success behind us. Some have 3,  6, and 9 months  or…Continue

Tags: 2016, month, daily, challenge, AF


Started by Fearnomore in General discussions. Last reply by Eliza 2 hours ago. 8232 Replies

Welcome the the Young at Heart thread. There is no age entry requirement, all welcome, although the ladies here do tend to be 'over a certain age' numerically, but as the title suggests, Young at Heart. Please feel free to join in, compare stories…Continue

Tags: Older and hopefully wiser

glad I found this website

Started by Dawn in General discussions 5 hours ago. 0 Replies

I am on day 13. There are no particular events or reasons as to why I stopped but over the last decade somehow I started drinking daily. I'm a professional and only drank at night, wine in public and whiskey at home, some night were worse than…Continue


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