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Just Keep Swimming By Mary Killian

On less than three hours' sleep, I frequently opened my eyes, still very, very drunk. But everything was different. Gone was that 'rarin' to go' energy of the night before. In its place, just dopey exhaustion. Heading in was always better than pulling out. I'd brush my teeth in the shower and try to get it together. I would stand in the bathtub for a few minutes, worn out and bloated. Waves of nausea crashing against the walls of my insides, heartburn rising up the tube of my throat....Read more. Posted 16th August.



An extract from Staying Sober: How to Control the Drink Demon By Binki Laidler

I have suffered depression and anxiety on and off all my life. When I think of my childhood, I can remember vast swathes of time where I was worried about one thing and another. I was afraid that I didn’t fit in at school with anyone, even my friendship group, and likewise at university. I worried about being misrepresented by people who were supposed to have my back.There was anxiety about my capacity for blistering anger....Read more. Posted 2nd August.



Alcohol and Your Skin: Facing Facts By Lucy Rocca

We all know that alcohol is a toxin, and when consumed regularly and to excess it has multiple negative effects upon our bodies - both inside and out. The face frequently reveals the visible evidence of too much booze although the good news is that if you quit drinking alcohol, your facial appearance should....Read more. Posted 16th August.



Eight Mind Hacks That Will Change Your Life for the Better - Starting Today! By Merwin Davies

I used to value my job and wealth far more than I did my happiness or my health. I’m sure this rings true for many people; being consumed by work and other activities often has us forgetting about the most important things in life....Read more. Posted 16th August.



Sobriety, Holidays and What ‘Fun’ Really Means By Veronica Valli “You mean I can’t even drink on my holiday?”

This is probably one of the first things to go through a person’s head when she or he embarks upon an alcohol-free life – the holiday, one of the many occasions when it’s almost obligatory to drink, together with the realisation....Read more. Posted 19th July.


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"You will find a way through this. Maybe it is something that you need to go through in order to…"
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"This is a gentle reminder that the purpose of Soberistas is to provide a safe, welcoming and…"
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"Well done for putting yourself first - it can be so hard to do but you are proof that when you do…"
11 minutes ago
lady p commented on Rob Kennedy's blog post Two weeks of sobriety
"I am appalled by some of the vicious remarks towards AA. It has cured more people from alcoholism…"
17 minutes ago
Jubs33 commented on Jubs33's blog post Friday night blues
"Also Mumbo - you make a great point - this is one of those "firsts" for me and it will…"
21 minutes ago
amy commented on awomanwithoutwine's blog post Toxic Shame
"You could have been writing my story have felt a lot of what your feeling right now I am in therapy…"
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Blog Posts

Toxic Shame

Posted by awomanwithoutwine on August 30, 2014 at 12:22 2 Comments

I’ve felt broken for a really long time.  As a child I felt different, unusual and just plain old weird.  I didn’t fit in…


day one

Posted by amy on August 30, 2014 at 9:54 0 Comments

Feeling positive scared how can I feel them at the same time ? Lol

back to day one - need to sort this out

Posted by Derbygirl on August 30, 2014 at 9:48 3 Comments

I woke up feeling hungover and tired,rather than refreshed and clear,I drank a bottle of cava last night - was doing well at over a month then drank last wed and last night.

Both due to feeling tired and worn out with work,and wanting to…


Timeless Ticker

Posted by Esmeralda on August 30, 2014 at 4:37 8 Comments

Early hours of morning, woken by hubby breathing (bloody inconsiderate) and got to thinking of how I need a very special sort of app.

This app needs to count each day of joyful AF - and even when it hasn't been joyful but hard won and… Continue


No rain in May!

Started by Catherine55 in General discussions. Last reply by Moonie 1 hour ago. 2957 Replies

I have been a member of Soberistas from the start and it has been a huge part of my AF journey. I have my ticket but I'm not at my destination yet. I go from being a few weeks AF to a week of drinking a bottle of wine a night. Sobriety is a huge…Continue

For everyone who has had enough and wants to start a better life

Started by brightlite in General discussions. Last reply by brightlite 3 hours ago. 688 Replies

I have been struggling lately due to a member of family passing away, and I have to be honest I have been trying to do this for a few months now, but constantly seem to have blips. One thing I know is that I really want the AF life and feel so much…Continue

6 week plan.... Here goes!

Started by AG in New to Soberistas. Last reply by AG 4 hours ago. 12 Replies

Hello everyone. After two failed attempts I find myself back to where this all started and the usual bottle of wine a night again.Obviously feeling depressed, overweight and tired now of this.I have to move on from this feeling of failure and take…Continue

Planning a dry September

Started by Lisa in General discussions. Last reply by Mumbo 5 hours ago. 12 Replies

I have wanted to stop drinking wine for ages now, but can only seem to last 2 days maximum then feel depressed and really crave it so give up. How do people get past that. Alcohol is ruining my life i have lost friends over it done really crazy…Continue


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