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A Square Peg in a Round Hole: One Woman’s Story of Drinking into Disarray By Jane

She was a relative late starter. Drinking was always a weekend activity: pubs, parties, weddings, birthdays and holidays. A mum with two young boys and a hardworking partner. A distance between them they couldn’t speak of. Always feeling she didn’t quite fit, a square peg in a round hole. A fire horse who found a couple of bottles of beer ‘took the edge off’ an unbearably long day and shortened the evening. It began at 6pm....Read more. Posted 1st August.



A new kind of festival Raw Fest is a Healthy, Clean Living, Spa, Retreat and Festival. A Drug, Alcohol, Junk Food Free Experience filled with FUN. By Lucy Rocca

For many people, the summer festival season is synonymous with heavy drinking, and memories of visiting Glastonbury and other music events are hazy to say the least. T in the Park, a major Scottish music festival that attracts up to 255,000 people and which has been held annually since 1994, is even named after an alcoholic drink, Tennents lager....Read more. Posted 18th July.



Summer Secrets – An Interview With The Author, Jane Green By Lucy Rocca

Summer Secrets by Number One bestselling author, Jane Green, is a gripping tale of recovery and redemption. June, 1998. At twenty-seven, Cat Coombs is struggling. She lives in London, works as a journalist, and parties hard. When she discovers the identity of the father she never knew she had, it sends her into a spiral. She makes mistakes....Read more. Posted 4th July.



Sexy Sober Summer By Lucy Rocca

Do you find that hot summer days are a challenge when it comes to staying sober? Meeting up with friends in sunny beer gardens, weddings, holidays, barbecues…there are several season-specific occasions that are frequently responsible for aggravating deeply rooted cravings to drink alcohol. BUT! There are also loads of reasons why this time of year is a ....Read more. Posted 1st August.



Mood-boosting Foods By Lauren Joyce

During periods of change (whether it is when we’re preparing for or in the midst of that change), feeling positive mentally is essential, particularly when it comes to sobriety. Research has indicated that our diets, and in turn the nutrients or lack of, can lead to feelings of low mood and, in some instances, the prevalence of mental health issues such.... Read more. Posted 1st August.

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Blog Posts

All Time Low

Posted by Phoenix on August 2, 2015 at 19:22 5 Comments

 Right now I'm on an all time low. I have been a member of Soberistas for about 15 months. Initially I managed to stay sober for 3 months then I gradually started drinking again. I now tend to go a week or two without drinking then I binge drink…


A sober first.

Posted by AitcheyLou on August 2, 2015 at 18:11 7 Comments

Have spent a lovely weekend with hubs. It was our 8th (bronze) wedding anniversary. Kids went to nanny and grandads for the weekend and me and hubs had a night away in our camper van.

We started with a cream tea (jam first then cream...the only… Continue

Should have been day 6 :-(

Posted by powerwalker on August 2, 2015 at 17:30 2 Comments

Today hasn't gone well. 

It's funny how when you are feeling a little unsettled or on edge that molehills become mountains. 

After a lazy morning,  hubby decided we would go out for lunch.  It is boiling hot here today,  so his idea…


Checking in before holiday

Posted by EmmaB on August 2, 2015 at 17:23 3 Comments

just getting packed to go away for a week with family, the usual family tensions and stresses would normally be drowned in wine, but I am determined this week will be different. I may feel trapped, resentful, angry, but I am not going to… Continue


The Awesome August group - all are welcome to join

Started by Glyn in General discussions. Last reply by Nahla 1 minute ago. 756 Replies

We made it through June and July as a little support group - now we are into August. No-one is perfect here...we are just a small group of people trying to help each other stay on track and realise their dream of an alcohol free by day…Continue


Started by Fearnomore in General discussions. Last reply by Mollsxxx 2 minutes ago. 4728 Replies

Welcome the the Young at Heart thread. There is no age entry requirement, all welcome, although the ladies here do tend to be 'over a certain age' numerically, but as the title suggests, Young at Heart. Please feel free to join in, compare stories…Continue

Tags: Older and hopefully wiser

Joyful January, and in this sixth month we jump into June and July

Started by jat in General discussions. Last reply by Catherine 29 minutes ago. 4078 Replies

To those of you who followed  Remember December and to those of you would rather forget December or need a new start here is the 2015 monthly challenge. We have a merry band from December and January who are willing to continue into February.Last…Continue

Tags: daily, month, June, challenge, May

Go AF for a week

Started by Zoe in General discussions. Last reply by Zoe 32 minutes ago. 18 Replies

Some people like BIG challenges, others say, start small, you're more likely to…Continue

Tags: challenge, AF


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